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Commitment to Ethics and Compliance

At Roypas by Nutris, we take pride in being a responsible company from our very beginning. Our unwavering commitment to legal compliance, transparency, and ethical behavior is reflected in every aspect of our daily operations.

Foundations of Our Ethical Commitment

  • Rigorous legal compliance: At Roypas by Nutris, we ensure that all our activities comply with current laws and regulations. This approach allows us to operate not only legally, but also fairly and reliably.
  • Transparency in our operations: We firmly believe in the importance of transparency. We maintain open and honest communication with our stakeholders, including clients, employees, and business partners, ensuring that all processes and decisions are clear and understandable.
  • Ethical behavior at all times: Our code of conduct guides all our decisions and actions. This includes fair treatment of our employees, respect for the environment, and ethical business practices. We strive to be a role model in the industry, demonstrating that business success can and should go hand in hand with integrity.

As pioneers in our industry, Roypas by Nutris remains steadfast in its commitment to being an ethical and responsible company. We are dedicated to constantly maintaining and improving our ethical standards, because we know that it is the foundation for building a sustainable and respected company in the market.

Ethical Channel Contact

At Roypas by Nutris, we are committed to integrity and ethics in all our operations and business relationships. This commitment is based on our Ethical Code, which establishes the ethical principles and conduct that must be respected by all members of our organization.

What is the Ethical Channel?

The Ethical Channel of Roypas by Nutris is a confidential means of communication, designed to serve the members of our organization, as well as other interested parties such as clients, suppliers, and collaborators. This channel is crucial for maintaining our ethical and quality standards, as it provides a safe and confidential way to raise any doubts, discrepancies, or irregularities related to the compliance with our Ethical Code.

How Does the Ethical Channel Work?

  • Guaranteed confidentiality: All information shared through the Ethical Channel is treated with the utmost confidentiality. We ensure that personal data and the subject of communication are protected, complying with current Data Protection regulations.
  • Accessibility and ease of use: The Ethical Channel is available to everyone, allowing anyone to report possible non-compliance or inappropriate behaviors simply and securely.
  • Response and action: Every case reported through the Ethical Channel is evaluated and managed seriously. We commit to investigating all inquiries and taking the corresponding actions to ensure compliance with our Ethical Code.

Contacting the Ethical Channel

If you have any concerns related to the compliance with our Ethical Code, we invite you to contact us through our Ethical Channel. Your contribution is essential for maintaining integrity and transparency in Roypas by Nutris.


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